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Tips and Guidelines for New Casino Players

Are you ready to enjoy everything gambling has to offer, but want the edge before you get going? Use these tips to maximise your winning chances and enjoyment!

General Gambling Tips

It is important to remember that online casino gambling is a form of entertainment. It should not be your only source of income or your sole source of livelihood.

Double check your personal information during registration. Wrong details can result in the withholding of your winnings, or your account may even be blocked. Send proof of address and identity documents to the casino immediately after registration to receive your first withdrawal without issues.

Casino dotuscomus.com holds gambling licenses from reputable authorities, guaranteeing a trustworthy and regulated platform.

Set wagering limits for yourself-these are usually offered by online casinos. In this way, you can’t spend more than you can afford in one sitting.

Select a payment option where you can do deposits and withdrawals as you probably do not want to get paid by cheque. Make sure, when you register, that the casino transacts in your currency. In this way, you will prevent unnecessary delays and possible money losses due to fluctuating currency exchanges.

Do your research! Make sure the online casino you chose is licensed by reputed regulatory authorities and that they also carry software certified for fairness by independent agencies. You also want a site that has a live chat support team with written transcripts as proof of your queries.

Games Tips

If you want to be successful at online gambling, you require a strategy and skill. Luck alone will not make you win. If you don’t know the rules of a game, practice in demo mode before you bet money on a live game.

Many online casinos include strategy cards in their blackjack games and are ideal for blackjack players. Side bets offered in table games like blackjack and casino poker usually have higher house edges. Avoid these games unless you have evaluated them correctly. Do your research!

  • The game of craps has many bets with high house edges, so avoid them as well.
  • When the option is available, always activate the maximum number of pay lines in online pokies.
  • Play video poker games with the maximum number of coins. In this way, you will be eligible for the jackpot pay-out in the highest ranking.
  • The download platform in most casinos allows you to open multiple games at the same time. You can play all of your open games together on autoplay.

Bonuses, Promotions and Tips

You do NOT have to claim every bonus or participate in every promotion that is offered. Use your own discretion.

Online casinos use these bonuses to differentiate them from their competition; with the bonuses they offer players free play or extra cash to play with.

Never make larger deposits than you can afford because you want to claim a big bonus. Stay within your budget. Prizes are not guaranteed.

Below are a few popular online  casino bonuses:

Welcome Bonus

These are exclusively for new players. The casino usually matches your first deposit. For example, if you deposit $150, the casino will give you another $150 free to play with. So, you have double the start-up money to play with. When claiming a welcome bonus, remember to enter the bonus code provided, otherwise the bonus will not be credited to your account.

Free Spins Bonus

Online casinos often offer a set number of no wager spins on popular pokies games. These free spins are often included in the welcome bonus, or they are added to packages to attract new players. This is an inexpensive way to try out new games.

No Deposit Bonus

This bonus is paid out to new players as soon as they sign up to an online casino. It is not very common as it is paid out with no commitment from the player.

Loyalty and VIP Programs

Many casinos will enrol all players into their VIP Programs as soon as they sign up. These loyalty programs are not reserved for only high rollers anymore. The VIP programs are set up through a tiered system where the more points you earn, the higher you move up in the system. These are usually reserved for specific games, so make sure you study the fine print before you bet on these systems.

Rewards on these systems include dedicated account managers, higher limits for deposits and withdrawals, and even additional funds.

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is applicable to returning players. They are similar to welcome bonuses, but usually only a percentage of a returning player’s deposit is matched (the entire amount is not doubled).

Here are a Few Tips for Safe Online Casino Gambling

Switch off Bluetooth – this will help you to avoid unwanted/accidental connections

ID Verfication – this is required by reputable online casinos before players withdraw any funds (they request a copy of your ID)

Hide Identity – do not share your real name, date of birth or location with other players when you play online. Keep information pertaining to passwords secure.

Use Secure Wi-Fi – don’t play casino games on public Wi-Fi networks. Use your private nerwork with personal and secure passwords

Check License – you can search for any online casino on the licensing body’s website

How do Online Casinos Compare to Land Based Casinos?

These two types of casinos share many traits as they offer similar games and both deal with money.

The benefits of online casinos like Lotus Asia casino are:

  • There are no queues and no crowds of people. You can play whenever you want without waiting for a place to open up at a table or machine. You have a wider selection of games available online and can play when and where you want, as you can also download games on your mobile.
  • Online games come with free bonuses. This is not a feature of land-based casinos.
  • The biggest PRO is probably that you don’t have to dress up to go out. You also save money as there is no staff to tip. You are your own waiter!
  • The biggest drawback is that there is no social aspect to online casino games. It’s just you and your device. If you like people around you, the online option will leave you wanting!

Responsible Gambling

It is Important to set limits for yourself regarding time and money. And to stick to these limits. Know when to stop and always play for fun! That’s part of the thrill.

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