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The Difference Between B2C and B2B

Despite the similarities, the two business models are very different. B2C businesses typically sell to individual consumers. Consumers are end customers, not companies. Consumers are often impulsive and often buy a product they do not need. B2B buyers, megaupload on the other hand, are more informed, needing information to make a decision about a purchase. A typical B2B buying process takes months, while a B2C buying process can be as quick as a few hours.

The difference between a B2C eworld and a B2B business is the type of relationship that the business has with its customers. A B2B business focuses on the relationship with a business entity, while a B2C business focuses on the product itself. A B2B business relationship can last years, and it is more difficult to build brand value with a consumer. Consequently, a B2B selling cycle is longer.

Another major difference between a B2C and a B2B business is that in a B2C relationship, the person selecting the product may not be the final decision maker. A B2B customer might need board-level approval, and may pay different prices to other customers. Payment technecy processes can be different, and the amount charged varies based on the size of the order. A B2C transaction might also involve different payment methods.

A B2B business sells its product or service to other ibibo businesses, while a B2C business sells directly to consumers. Both types of businesses target different types of customers. But in general, the two types of businesses use similar methods to reach their target audience. The difference lies in the target market that each econtentmags one serves. And while B2B marketing is geared toward businesses, a B2C business is focused on consumers.

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