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Texas Holdem Hands Rankings

Texas Hold’em is a variant of poker and it is considered the best game among all the formats. Players at all levels can strengthen their game once they learn the techniques of the game it gets even easier to win the game.

You can play Texas Hold’em online on websites like Pocket52, where you get amazing bonuses. If you want to learn Texas Hold’em you have to first learn about the basics of the game for example poker hands and the chips and the basic technique. Poker has several variants and Texas Hold’em is one of them. The only difference between all the formats is the technique and rules.

All Poker hands Texas Hold’em

Royal Flush: it is the ace-high straight flush. This hand has the best cards with the highest ranking. It has five consecutive cards from the same suit.

Straight Flush: it is the combination of five consecutive cards with a higher ranking. Unlike royal flush, ace does not play an important role in a straight flush.

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Four of a kind: this combination has four same cards from all suits. The left card can be of any suit and value.

Full House: three of the same value in three different suits and a different pair of the same rank card in two different suits in one hand.

Flush: This hand does not have any specific combination and if more than one player has flushed the highest-value card will win.

Straight: five cards of consecutive value composed of more than one suit. An ace ranks low or gives but is not the same in one hand.

Three of a kind: this hand has three cards of the same suit; the two highest available cards besides the three of a kind complete the hand.

Two Pairs: the two different sets of two cards of the same rank, and the highest ranked card completes the hand.

Pair: the same ranked cards in different suits. The remaining hand is formed from the three highest tanking cards available.

High Card: the lowest rank hand is the high card. The king of spades is the highest-ranked card in this hand.

The Bottom Line

People play Texas Hold’em for variations in the levels. This game is suitable for all and Texas Hold’em is best suited for all levels of expertise. Those extra wagers can boost your confidence and make you win major bets.

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