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Termination & severance package: Get a Connecticut employment lawyer

Knowing that you have been terminated from your job can be an overwhelming experience. There are several aspects to consider, including the circumstances surrounding the decision. If you think you have been wrongfully fired, you must consider consulting a Connecticut employment lawyer to understand the ground situation. In other situations, your employer may offer a severance package. Known as the separation package, this usually comes with a deadline. Again, your employment lawyer is your best resource for understanding whether you should sign the documents. In some cases, the lawyer may suggest that you don’t sign the separation package, as there are various ways to discuss things further. Here are the three options –

  • Negotiating the deal: The first obvious choice is to discuss things further with your employer. Your employment lawyer will negotiate the aspects of your severance package with the in-house legal team to get a better deal. They will initially send a letter to your employer, following which there could be several meetings or phone calls to discuss the various inclusions.
  • Mediation: In some cases, initial negotiations may not work as expected, and there could be a need for mediation. The parties involved will hire a mediator, who will act as a neutral party and help both sides arrive at a middle ground. Mediation allows the parties to discuss and say things without being forced to accept the decision of the other. Mediation is still a better and more cost-efficient way of handling the situation, even though it costs more than direct negotiations.
  • Litigation: The final option is litigation, which is likely if parties cannot come to an agreement on significant issues right away. As an employee, you can file a claim with the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO). Your lawyer will guide you through the process. If things are still not resolved, or once the agency is done with its part, you can consider filing a case, which could be filed in the state court.

Final word

Employment lawyers are aware that employees often have the most challenging time negotiating severance packages. They are capable of handling the paperwork and the due process, which may help resolve the concerns. If nothing else is helpful, a lawsuit may seem necessary. Your lawyer may work with you on an hourly rate or a contingency fee, depending on the financial compensation involved. You can find local lawyers through an online search.

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