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Should You Care About Apple’s Freeform?

As Apple rolled out iPadOS 16 and iOS 16, they announced a wide range of updates. They made the same announcements for macOS Ventura as well. Although most of the features were introduced with the initial software releases, there were some features that users had to wait for.

Among them, Freeform was a feature that users had to wait for. However, with the release of iPadOS 16.2, iOS 16.2, and macOS Ventura 13.1, users can finally access the Freeform application.

But the real question is whether Freeform was worth the wait and if you should care about this app. Let’s find out.

What is the Freeform Application by Apple?

Apple’s Freeform application is meant to help users organize and lay out the content visually on a flexible canvas. Users can see, collaborate and share the canvas in a single place without worrying about page sizes or layout. Moreover, users can add a broad range of files and preview them inline. You don’t need to leave the board.

The Freeform application is designed for collaboration and allows users to invite others to collaborate on the board. You can collaborate on the board even during a FaceTime video call.

Users can store the boards in iCloud to sync them across all Apple devices. If Freeform not syncing between Mac and iPad, you must check your Wi-Fi connection. Also, ensure that iCloud syncing is turned on for Freeform by going to the Apple menu > System Settings > Apple ID > iCloud Drive and ensuring it is enabled. Then, find Freeform and turn on the toggle next to the app.

What can you do with the Freeform app?

  • Create mood boards

If you use Pinterest and other social media websites to put your ideas together, you are already familiar with mood boards. In Freeform, you can create mood boards directly on your Apple device.

The app allows users to upload images from their camera roll to bring their thoughts together quickly. Also, you can add links and upload videos.

  • Brainstorm ideas

It can be challenging to keep tabs on your countless thoughts daily. The problem is that you may not always have a pen and paper near you to jot down your creative thoughts.

If you don’t make a note of your thoughts, you may forget about them. When in a rush, you can use apps like Notion or Notes. Use the Freeform application if you have time and want to expand on your thoughts.

  • Conceptualize ideas for your next content

If you are creating a new content campaign or want to share your work with others, you must be thinking a lot. For instance, it takes hours to get podcast episodes right.

Freeform allows users to conceptualize their content ideas by adding visuals to the board.

Are There any Advantages of Using Freeform?

There are several advantages to using Freeform, which are also why the app is worth your time.

  1. The app is free for Apple users

Apple users can use the application for free. You don’t have to join a monthly subscription or pay for the application as a one-time purchase. If you like what the app offers, you can use it for a lifetime.

  1. Quickly collaborate with others

The evident theme in Apple’s fall 2022 updates was that Apple wants to make its services and apps more collaborative. Since the importance of remote collaboration has increased in the last few years, Apple’s move doesn’t come as a surprise.

The company’s increased push for collaboration has resulted in the introduction of the Freeform application. The canvases can be shared with others, and you can give the recipients permission to edit or view your boards.

If your team members or colleagues have Apple devices, you will find the app’s collaborative features highly helpful.

  1. Immense opportunity to showcase your creativity

Some applications allow you to personalize your note-taking in many ways. One of the best examples of this is the Notion application. But Notion has certain limitations, and you can overcome those using Freeform.

The Freeform application allows users to showcase their creativity. You can brainstorm ideas and conceptualize content ideas through text and visuals.

The app offers you a higher degree of creative freedom. The canvases can be personalized according to your specific requirements, such as drawing your thoughts or adding pictures, links, and videos.

So, Should you Care About this App?

The answer is yes because the Freeform application offers a lot of features and tools to the users. This app allows you to brainstorm ideas, collaborate with friends or colleagues, and do much more.

As soon as you update your Apple devices to the latest OS version, you will see the app’s icon on your screen. If not, you can download it from the App Store.

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