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IoT Edge Computing and Supermicro

Supermicro is a worldwide technology pioneer dedicated to bringing first-to-market innovation to the Enterprise, Metaverse, AI, cloud, and 5G Telco/ IoT Edge IT Infrastructure markets. With a robust design heritage, Supermicro have created the industry’s most advanced servers in their revolutionary data centers. This prestigious company has its origins in Silicon Valley. SuperMicro is an American company with its headquarters located in Fremont, California and has global offices located throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas.

Supermicro is well known to provide best-in-class technology solutions to address growing enterprise needs: superior performance and capabilities across all key components of computer systems; turnkey design; scalability; flexibility; ease of use coupled with optimal cost effectiveness. Its customers include world class organizations such as Cisco Systems, Lenovo Group Ltd., IBM Corporation, Oracle Corporation, Dell Computers Inc., Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company.

Supermicro is manufacturing world class IT solutions for data centers and cloud applications. The company has maintained a steady growth in its business operations since its incorporation in April 1988. The world is facing an unprecedented growth in the demand for infrastructure, especially in the area of technology and Supermicro has proven that it has what it takes to be on top.

Supermicro began with a dream from Charles Liang, who wanted to create a company that would produce high-quality workstations. In doing so, Liang created Supermicro’s engineering and manufacturing powerhouse that helped propel their technology into the highest echelons of professional computing. With more than 300 patents focused on “green computing” Supermicro thrives at creating the most energy efficient systems on earth.

IoT Edge Computing, Supermicro’s newest product, is an industry-leading architecture that addresses the evolving needs of modern edge environments. The company has been recognized by many organizations including Gartner as a “Top 100 Enterprise Server“, IDC as a “Top 200 PC Server Vendor” and T3 as a Top 100 Data Center Server Vendor. Supermicro has also won numerous awards such as “Best System Builder”, and “Best Green Product” from the Green Enterprise Institute, and awards from Chambers of Commerce in New York City and Boston, Massachusetts.

IoT Edge Computing, an approach for computing at the point where data is received or utilized, enables IoT data to be captured and analyzed at the edge rather of transmitting it back to a server or cloud. IoT edge computing work together to provide a strong means of swiftly analyzing data in real time. Edge computing is expected to boost the growth of IoT by increasing security, lowering costs, and creating more dynamic end-user experiences.

Supermicro’s IoT edge computing solutions specifically address three key areas: Edge server architecture to provide secure communications and allow for minimal bandwidth; Integrated RFID/NFC/IoT/Sensor design to provide high-speed identification and local data monitoring; Mobile edge computing edge sensor nodes.

Edge computing is a growing trend that is expected to create a significant rise in the demand for IoT solutions. The term “edge” focuses on sensing data at the point where it is captured, transported over a network or sends back over one particular path. The concept includes the ability to identify and monitor small objects as they move across the network and also tracks moving large objects such as drones and aircraft.

Supermicro’s IoT edge computing solutions utilize Supermicro’s proprietary “smart” system architecture that incorporates Intelligent Edge Fabric (IEF) silicon, which enables secure delivery of datacenter-class performance and low latency. The IEF silicon helps users with its high-protect data privacy features, reducing security risks for companies by encrypting sensitive information in transit in the datacenter. Supermicro’s Smart System Architecture (SSA) software development kit (SDK), allows users to build their own applications for edge computing without any coding experience.

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