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How Will Artificial Intelligence Support in Making Better Marketing Decisions?

AI applications have the potential to improve business decisions and increase revenues. It can automate business processes, provide insights from data, and engage employees and customers. AI applications aren’t intended to replace human employees. In fact, they are meant to support and augment human employees. For example, Stitch Fix is using AI to augment stylists’ efforts. Ultimately, the question is: how xfire will AI support better marketing decisions? hdnewspagal

The answer to this question may be found in the thoughtco nature of the task. In general, customers are less likely to adopt AI systems that are highly dependent on intuition or affect. In addition, customers will be more skeptical of AI systems that cannot understand the impact of their own consumption behavior. In this regard, AI should emphasize the process of using a product, rather than the product itself. It should also be clear that AI systems do not know what consumers want, so their preferences may not align with theirs.


AI can improve the productivity of marketing departments. Its use in building massive hospitals has already proved effective. China’s AI system has successfully helped it complete a complex project within two weeks. Artificial intelligence systems can predict the behavior of the various players in an ecosystem and predict the adoption of driverless cars, electric vehicles, and non-restrictive pricing schemes. It can also help companies make better marketing decisions. For instance, AI systems can run more than 200,000 GTM scenarios and optimize them. newsfie

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