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Whether you have big nose or small nose, your nose should be shaped in such a way that it gives a very attractive look to your face. There are many different nose shapes and sizes that you can choose from. The more you know about your nose shape, the better your chances of choosing the one that you like the most.

Turned-up nose

Having an upturned nose is not a bad thing, on the contrary. Besides, it is actually a good indicator of a person’s gender and can serve as a stepping stone to larger, more masculine parts. In a study conducted by Brian Nuyen of Stanford University School of Medicine, the top prize of the aforementioned prize went to a man with an appropriately shaped nose. In this study, the aforementioned winner was accompanied by a plethora of women. In a nutshell, men with convex or angular shaped noses aren’t considered attractive by the majority of women. So, this aforementioned winner may be in for a rough ride.

The same study found that men with ski-slope shaped noses were regarded as more attractive than their tuxedoed counterparts. While there were no differences between men and women on the study’s aforementioned scorecard, there were differences in geographic locale. The most surprising discovery was that men in the northeast and west coast had a lower score than those in the south and south central regions.

Angelic, refined, soft, and narrow

Having a big nose isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As a matter of fact, guys with big nasal cavities are usually the most attractive men around. Plus, a big nose makes breathing easier. This is especially true if you’re a heavy smoker.

The best part about having a big nose is that you won’t get sick. This translates into more time to spend with your mate. As a result, you’re sure to enjoy a great marriage for years to come. Plus, the big guy’s got a killer libido.

Besides, a big nose also means a larger brain, which is a good thing if you’re into sports. Besides, big nasal cavities mean less airborne germs, which is a major plus in the battle against pneumonia and colds. Plus, the more you breathe, the better you’ll look.

A large nose also means less snubbed hairs and a better chance of snagging that dream job. A big nose is also one of the easiest things to clean, making it the ideal choice for the man on the go.

Rarest nose shape

Among the various shapes of noses, the most desirable ones are those that have a narrow tip. They are also called the ‘cute noses’. People with this shape are said to be egoistic, and they live an expansive life.

People with this shape are also known to be friendly to strangers. They are also believed to be efficient and plan things well. They are also known to be good listeners. They are also known to be spiritual and optimistic.

Another type of nose is the “fleshy nose”. It has a downturned tip and a wide protruding form. It is commonly found in women. This type of nose has been associated with nobility in medieval Europe. It is not uncommon to see it in celebrities like Ryan Gosling.

Another nose shape is the ‘Greek nose’. These noses are believed to be inspired by ancient Greek art. The bridge of the nose is straight and the tip is pointed. The nostrils are small and the nose does not have humps.

Most attractive nose shape for women

Despite the fact that a nose is an integral part of the facial anatomy, it is often considered a flaw in countless communities. While some cultures allow a large, flared nose, other communities reject it as unattractive.

Nose shape is a result of the size of the nasal cavity, which can vary widely. It is also a function of the shape of the nasal bones. In addition, the amount of cartilage in the nose plays a part. Ideally, a nose should be about one-fifth of the width of the face.

Nose shapes can range from a broad, bulbous tip to a slender, sloping bridge. Ultimately, the ideal nose shape depends on what you are looking for and what aesthetic you are after.


There are a few popular nose shapes that women desire. Several women have a “button nose” shape, which is often described as a straight line with an upturned tip. Alternatively, a “Roman” nose is a smooth line that runs from the eye to the nostrils.

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