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6 reasons how a fitness retreat can really be life changing

You will never forget waking up that Sunday morning, just before midday. After another Saturday night in the pub until the early hours, you had woken with another hangover and empty takeaway carton at the side of your bed. Only this time, it was different.

You were in a massive rut in your life, having become lazy and resentful after the breakup of a relationship, which set you back badly. For some time, you were decrying your hard luck to anyone who would listen, until that fateful goodbye with a friend outside the fast food outlet.

A gave you an extra helping of reality, and told you that it was time to pull yourself together and stop wasting your life. It hurt at first, but the walk home did you some good as you contemplated his words. Your first act the next day after coming round was to make a booking at one of the best fitness retreats Melbourne had to offer. It proved to be life changing for 6 reasons.

  1. What pride you still had in place told you to kick the booze for the week leading up to your two-week break. Doing something positive stimulated your brain which was further enhanced when you arrived at the stunning beachfront location down the coast. As did your comfortable balcony room.
  2. Despite thinking you could still show the youngsters how to kick a football, especially after your third beer, you were worried that you would not be able to train properly at the retreat and would end up embarrassing yourself. Those fears were quickly dispersed. The training, overseen by understanding and skilled coaches, allowed you to get back in trim quickly but at the level suitable for your needs. It was also suggested that you looked at the health benefits of playing badminton.
  3. You were determined to get the most from your stay and make it truly life changing. A daily mindset seminar for long term success was simply perfect as you connected with your old healthy happy self.
  4. The meals that were provided were healthy and delicious, being nutritionally balanced and easy to remember when you got home, where you have continued to recreate them.
  5. Having top class modern facilities available made a huge difference. You knew that it offered a fantastic opportunity to turn things around. A heated indoor pool as well as a fully equipped gym allowed you to put in some extra work after training.
  6. Expert professionals were always there to help you reach your goals, as your mind as well as your body became healthier by the day. You have started enjoying more city walks since your return home. Something you needed was to learn to communicate and make friends once again, and training in small groups achieved this, as you become close and encouraged each other.

Your break in a healthy and enjoyable environment where you learned while restoring your confidence was a wonderful lifestyle decision, which will continue for years to come.

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