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5 Sports Betting Tips for Newbies 

You may love the sport you’re betting on, but it can be challenging if you’re a beginner. Learning the ins and outs of the sport and how betting works is essential. You must not start straight away with sports betting, even if someone offers free NFL picks.

You must learn the basics, set achievable targets, and start with small wagers if you’re a newbie. It will help you build your skill initially and capitalise on it later. Check out these tips and strategies while starting.

Begin With a Small Bet

You’re new to this field, so don’t just start betting like seasoned players. Start placing smaller bets with low amounts to understand the process and your capabilities.

You can start by setting aside a particular amount of money only for sports betting. Don’t use it for anything else. Then, start making bets as low as $10 or $11.

So, you won’t lose too much money if it doesn’t work out. The strategy allows you to place multiple bets and stay in the game longer. Apart from that, you might develop a winning strategy while playing long.

Don’t Go All In

When you are a beginner, you must not start betting on major games or sports tournaments. It might cost you a lot of money if your strategies don’t work. Instead, try focusing on small games or tournaments.

So, instead of putting all your money on NFL, start with AFC East. You can also try your luck at smaller leagues and less popular matches. The trick is to place safer bets and learn more about the game.

You can develop a solid knowledge base that will help you select winners accurately in the long run.

Ignore Your Favorite Team

You might want to place your bets on your home team or favourite team because you want them to win. But this can make you biased, impacting your betting decision. As a result, you might end up with nothing.

That’s why you need to watch games or tournaments meticulously. Try to understand which team is more likely to win, and bet accordingly. Even if it means betting on the opposition, it’ll be good for you.

Tip: Avoid betting on matches including your favourite team to improve your odds of winning.

Record Your Bets

Beginners usually don’t record their bets, which is not good. You need to record all your bets, no matter how small they are. It will help you track your expenditure and stay within your betting budget. You can also look at the records and look for areas to improve.

For each wager, try to note down the following information:

  • Selection
  • Odds
  • Stake size
  • Money won
  • Money lost

This information will be valuable in the long run to analyse your performance.

Go For Moneyline Wagers

If you’re dipping your toes in sports betting, you can choose Moneyline wagers. Here, you have to select the winning team or individual to win the bet. It’s not very complicated and improves your chances of making some real cash!

You might even choose underdogs having better chances of winning using moneylines.

You must choose games wisely while betting. Avoid games like golf or tennis that are very easy to fix and can cost you big time. As fixers might ruin your chances of winning here, stay away even if you’re getting lucrative gifts or free NFL picks.

So, it’s best to bet on team games. Also, try learning from every bet you place to improve your performance in the next game.

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