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Unlocked CBD does not equal accessible CBD

Unlocking cannabis, cannabis, free from drugs, except cannabis extracts, cannabis with a THC value of more than 0.2%. The government wants to bring cannabis plants to build knowledge and develop innovation. Create economic value at the household, community and industry levels. Aims to 1. Medical benefits 2. It is an alternative for people to take care of their health. 3. Economic benefits.

Such unlocking does not encourage recreational use. Therefore, the change in the cannabis plant, and hemp plant, should be defined at this time as “Unlocking cannabis” is not the same as “liberalizing marijuana” because the cultivation, use, consumption, transformation into products, imports, exports, and other laws are still under control during the draft Cannabis and Cannabis Act, which is a direct control law. It is under consideration by the Council. Before taking effect. CBD shop is legal now in Switzerland.

The benefits and harms of THC / CBD in cannabis

THC has medical benefits such as solving insomnia, reducing blood sugar, anti-cancer, help reduce pain and muscle spasms, but THC has psychoactive effects. Being intoxicated, it must be used only according to the doctor’s prescription. And in unlocking marijuana, marijuana also leaves THC substances that are over 0.2%, which means that Cannabis extracts, Hemp, with a THC content of more than 0.2%, are still drugs. Unauthorized use is an offence under drug laws.

When this happens, questions often follow, such as how to know if using marijuana, Hemp contains excess THC. This question is not difficult to answer. If it is intended for health or medical purposes, it should be used as prescribed by a doctor. You don’t have to worry about using too much or not. At the same time, a simple verification tool will be accepted for use soon. However, cannabis extracts typically contain THC over 0.2%, so the general public should not own them. Different from health care operators and public health agencies that are used for health care and medical benefits are more appropriate.

As for CBD, there are medical benefits such as reducing inflammation, helping to relax, reducing sadness, prevent insomnia. And there are economic benefits, for example, as an ingredient in food, cosmetics, and animal feed, without psychoactive CBD shop. The World Health Organization has not classified CBD as an addictive substance.

Similarities and differences of marijuana – hemp

Cannabis (Marijuana) and Hemp (Hemp) are biennial plants that have the exact origin in the Cannabaceae family, the Cannabis family. Slightly physically different; for example, marijuana has thick, broad leaves arranged close together with about 5-7 lobes, while hemp leaves are slender, arranged farther than the marijuana leaves, having about 7-11 lobes.

While the main compounds THC (psychoactive, intoxicating) and CBD (non-psychoactive) exist in cannabis and Hemp. But cannabis has high THC and less CBD, unlike Hemp, which has low THC but high CBD.

How to smoke, use, and consume properly

Unlocking makes all parts of the cannabis plant hemp non-narcotic. (Except extracts with THC over 0.2%), but in use, other related laws are controlled, such as smoking. Smoking in a public place will be an offence under this Act. Even though there is no law prohibiting but as said, the government does not encourage recreational smoking, and smoking marijuana has no health benefits. But it’s as dangerous as smoking cigarettes. You can collect only effective CBD products from a CBD shop.

Use in cooking and beverages The Department of Health has announced a recommendation for proper use. Fried food, fried, curry, and boiled should be used from half a leaf – 2 fresh leaves per plate, depending on the plate size. The recommended drink contains one fresh cannabis leaf per 200 g serving menu. Menu with cannabis ingredients Hemp and use should use fresh leaves due to THC. Less than the dried type when THC is heated to make THC more active. Depending on the person, it takes effect 15-30 minutes after eating. At this point, caution should be exercised if the effects of cannabis cause the consumer to be intoxicated. That person should not drive a vehicle on the road or do any activity that may cause danger and loss.

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