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Things that you Should Not Hide from your Divorce Attorney

There might be a lot of dirty secrets in your marriage, but you must not hide anything from your lawyer. Washing dirty laundry in public is not everyone’s cup of tea, but when you are dealing with a marriage dissolution, there is no option left. You need to talk to a lawyer and tell them everything that has happened in your life leading you to the divorce. However, If you are wondering what you should exactly tell your lawyer, read this blog. 

Extra marital affair 

Even if no one knows about your affair, you must tell your lawyer. Your spouse’s lawyer might hire a private investigator and they will dig up any clue leading to the affair. The opposition will bring the topic in front of the public and legal eyes. If your lawyer does not know about your affair, they will be in an uncomfortable situation and this will be a disadvantage for your divorce. 

Hidden assets and debts 

If you have any hidden assets or debts, inform your attorney. There is no way you can hide any kind of financial information from your attorney. If discovered in the middle of the case, you might face a cumbersome situation. 

Any history with child protection 

No matter if your case with child protection has been in your favor, it is a piece of information that you can not miss giving your lawyer. During the divorce case, the opposition lawyer will dig out graves and bring any matter that can hamper your reputation. 

Abusive marriage 

Any case of abuse in the marriage, may it be mental or physical, even if you are the abusive one, must not be hidden at any cost from your lawyer. Your spouse will go to any extent to shame you if there is a competitive notion in the divorce. In case your lawyer does not have this information, they will be unable to build any strategy to save you. 


If you are ashamed to disclose your negative side in front of your lawyer, there is some advice, your lawyer will never judge you. The more you open up, the more they will strategize on how to save you from shame and bring out positive results from the divorce. If you have not hired a divorce lawyer yet and are in an unhappy marriage, this is your sign. 

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