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Peroxide Acne Wash & The Difference Between Acne & Zits

When you get breakouts on a regular basis, it’s only natural to start thinking about investing in some peroxide acne wash. The thing is, using it for regular zits might be a little bit of an overkill, so it’s important to know what the differences are between regular pimples and acne. 

Before we can truly understand when you need to start using acne products, we need to learn what each type of skin problem looks like. So, let’s look at each one separately.

Peroxide Acne Wash For Acne 

Essentially, acne is known officially as Acne Vulgaris, and it’s a problem that relates to the hair follicles in your skin. It can also relate to an over-production of sebum – leading to oily skin. The skin doesn’t have too many problems dealing with this oil until it plays a part in blocking your pores.

Mixed together with dead skin and P. Acnes bacteria, a plug forms that seals off the hair follicle, trapping all that nastiness under the skin. There are hairs all over the body, meaning that acne breakouts can appear anywhere that they become blocked and inflamed. 

It’s absolutely a condition that peroxide acne wash treats and treats well. Affecting roughly 50 million in the States alone, acne can be persistent and recurring in line with hormone fluctuations and other external triggers. 

Now to Pimples & Zits

Many people use the term acne and zits interchangeably, and to a degree, they may sometimes be right. The thing is, acne will not usually comprise only zits and pimples, as there will also typically be larger pustules and papules happening in conjunction with them. 

However, when small zits appear on their own, they can’t technically be referred to as acne. As such, bacteria may not be present at all. When you have this extremely mild form of spots, you don’t really need to invest in benzoyl peroxide – rather you only need to work on your skincare routine to ensure that it’s free of debris and oil.

Invest in Peroxide Acne Wash – When You Need To! 

So, when it comes down to brass tacks, we have zits, and we have acne. While you do get zits with acne, it’s only correct to refer to the problem as acne when more severe lesions and skin eruptions also exist in tandem. BP products can have a drying effect on the skin for most, so you don’t want to encounter this dryness if there’s no need to.

Of course, when your zits become bigger, angrier and more persistent, you should absolutely go and find the best benzoyl peroxide products you can to tackle it. If you don’t, the conditions on your skin are only going to get worse, along with irritation and general angriness.

Knowing when to start using BP products is essential for all the reasons we’ve mentioned. It’s a fantastic solution – perhaps the best on the market, and it’s one that keeps the problem at bay for many people around the globe. 

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