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How to make money through online bookmakers for new players

Usually football betting is only for entertainment purposes, but rarely does the player get the final victory against online bookmakers. However, if you know how to make a difference, you can still make money on football betting, even with huge and sustainable profits.

Let’s learn with the https://22bet.co.ke/ link how to get big money through online bookmakers.

Specific method

Usually, when playing European cribbage, most of us do not choose a tie or X. Because once we have played this type of bet, we will often choose a stronger team to increase the probability of winning. However, not only the players but also the house know this, so did European rafters still exist until now? Thus, it is clear that there is something wrong inside, which makes the house confident enough to bet and leisurely make a significant profit.

Specifically, the above dilemma is that in any domestic tournament, the ratio of matches with a draw result is approximately 1/4, that is, every 4 matches, there will almost certainly be 1 draw in the tournament. that number. If you want to make a profit, you need to understand this principle and make money.

Moreover, there are 2 factors displayed in the odds to be able to determine early whether a match is a draw or not. The first factor is that the tie in that match must be offered by the house with a ratio greater than 2.0. And the O/U ratio of that match will usually be around 2.0. Your job is to see any match where these two factors appear, then boldly choose a draw in the European market. Thus, it will be possible to make a profit from online bookmakers.

Cons to note

Any method has its pros and cons, and the above method is no exception. Therefore, you should note the disadvantage that, when betting according to the above method, players need to check the standard bets to choose the right match. But you can’t just stereotype the formula. Because it is necessary to identify matches with low total goals expected. corresponds to high drawing ability.

In addition, there are some teams in certain seasons that very rarely draw. Specifically, as Manchester United did in the 2008-2009 Premier League season, there were 20 consecutive matches without a draw. So if you have thick capital, don’t say. You can bet up to the 21st game to win.


In short, to be able to apply the above method, you must first observe many matches in the same tournament and choose the right time when there have been 3 consecutive matches without a draw. The second is that the match you choose must have all the 2 factors mentioned in part 1. The third is to avoid the teams that are in the sublimation phase, with consecutive wins. Do these 3 things, betting experience believes that you can completely make a profit from online bookmakers.

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