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How Can Depositing Cash Help You Earn More At Mega888?

Online casinos had taken over the world, especially after COVID-19, when everything was under lockdown. Some say people gambling online is even more entertaining than physical casino gambling, which can be true if the chosen online casino is perfect. Finding an online casino that covers all of your gambling desires is crucial. 

A casino should give you bonuses, premium updated games, and incentives for making deposits at the online casino. So if you are someone who’s looking for a casino with all of the features, then Mega888 ios is the ideal option to go for. 

Mega888 is a casino that offers premium-quality games and keeps it all updated. However, what’s exclusive about this casino is the incentives for depositing that the casino offers to its players. 

If a player is depositing a certain amount of money, they can earn more by just depositing. How so? Here we will discuss everything you need to know about making more through depositing money at Mega888. So without further ado, let’s get straight into the prime discussion.

Benefits Players Can Get Through Bonuses

There are a variety of bonuses available at Mega888. Each bonus pays the players well enough, and each is unique in its way. However, the bonuses at the live casino do require a deposit from the players, but you don’t have to worry because the overall money you would have after the bonus would be worth it. 

So what are the benefits players get through bonuses by depositing at Mega888? Below we have listed some of the top ones that you definitely would want to redeem at the live casino.

The Birthday Bonus

The first bonus you need to grab at Mega888 is the birthday bonus. Though this might not be the first bonus at the casino, since it’s only claimable on your birthday, it should be a priority to have this. The Birthday Bonus is a bonus given to players to make their birthdays even better, and besides, who would say no to free money? 

Though this is a bonus that doesn’t directly require your deposits, there’s always a catch, and that comes with the member grade that you have at Mega888. The higher the member grade, the better the amount of the bonus you will receive on your birthday. 

With the suitable member grade, players can get up to MYR 1688. Though getting to the maximum tier for that wouldn’t be a piece of cake, it will be worth it, especially with all the exclusive perks awarded to players of such a tier.

If you want to redeem the birthday bonus, you must contact the customer support team through live chat. Once you are done with that, tell the representative your reason for contacting them. 

Upon knowing, the customer support team representative will ask you for personal details as it is required for verification purposes. Once you have verified, your amount will be transferred to your Mega888 wallet. 

However, your member tier will determine the amount of money you will get. For Royal, Diamond, and Platinum Tier, you would get MYR 1688, MYR 888, and MYR 388, respectively. Whereas for gold and silver, you would get MYR 188 and MYR 88. For all the bonuses, you would need to make a minimum of 10 deposits in the past three months.

5% Unlimited Reload Bonus

Another way to earn more is by availing of this promotion. We know that every penny counts when you are gambling at an online casino, and that’s why you must always get a certain percentage of your deposit whenever you deposit at the online casino. With this offer, players can get a return of 5% every time they deposit Mega888. 

However, the amount might not seem like a lot, but it’s free and can be attained on every deposit you make. Furthermore, you should know that a player gets a maximum bonus of MYR 100 per deposit. Want to know how to claim the bonus? The process is straightforward, and you must go to the promotions page available at Mega888. 

Click on the Unlimited 5% Mega888 Reload Bonus and click on Apply now. Then make the amount you want to deposit and claim the bonus. Once that is all done, the amount of money should be transferred to your account within a few minutes. 

Remember that you can only avail of the offer on weekdays, and the bonus acquired is only valid for 30 days. Lastly, you can not use this promotion with other promotions at Mega888.

Deposits Can Get You To The VIP Program

One of the prime features of Mega888 is the VIP program that the casino has to offer. The more deposits you make, the better the rewards you get with the VIP program. Each level that is provided at the VIP program of Mega888 keeps on improving. 

For starters, if you are starting at the casino, you won’t get any special privileges. However, as you proceed to play at Mega888, things will get better, and by making deposits, you will eventually make more. 

After you are done with the basic level, you will advance to the next level, which will get you MYR 55 along with a 2x coin multiplier for twelve hours. In the third level, you would get MYR 165 and the same multiplier. But at level 3, you would also get a 125% to reload bonus to the deposit along with a 3% cashback which lasts for 72 hours. 

On the fourth level, the prizes get more significant as now you would be getting MYR 550 with no multiplier, but you would get a 150% deposit bonus and 4% Cashback for the next 96 hours. Lastly, on level five, you would get MYR 1,375, along with a double multiplier for a day. You would also get a top-up surcharge of 175% and 5% Cashback for the next 120 hours.


Playing at Mega888 gets even more exciting when you earn more through your deposits. So ensure that you make the right amount of deposits to get yourself enrolled in the VIP program of the casino. So, now you’re are clear with how deposit money can help you earn money, click here to get the list of game Mega888.

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