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Diablo 4: The Best Gold-Making Methods

Hello, fellow Diablo 4 adventurers! In today’s article, MMOexp will delve into the best gold-making methods available in the game. While there are faster ways to amass Diablo 4 gold, such as completing high-level challenges or killing powerful bosses, those methods often require specific character builds and are not as practical for the average player. We will focus on more accessible and practical approaches that can be combined to maximize your gold income.

Boosting People

One of the most popular and profitable methods to make gold is by boosting other players through nightmare dungeons. A tier 54 dungeon called “Blind Burrows” is particularly suitable for this purpose due to its excellent XP rewards. You can purchase a copy of this dungeon with magic find in certain Discord channels for around 500,000 gold.

Once you have the dungeon copy, advertise your boosting services in the Diablo 4 main Discord, offering to run people through the dungeon for a fee. Charging around 7 million gold for five runs or 14 million gold for ten runs is a reasonable rate. With an efficient character build, you can complete ten runs in about an hour, earning you a solid 42 million gold per hour.

Efficiency is key in this method, as the faster you can clear the dungeon, the more runs you can offer, increasing your earnings. Remember that some players are more interested in XP gains than loot, so being swift and efficient is a selling point.

Selling Rares

Another lucrative method is selling rare items you obtain during your boosting runs. As you complete these dungeons, you’ll likely come across a significant amount of decent gear that you can sell for gold. Keep an eye out for rares with desirable stats, and store them in your inventory or stash while you continue boosting.

Once you finish your boosting sessions, check your loot for valuable items that players might be interested in buying. In the main Discord’s “Want to Sell” section, you can advertise your items and set prices accordingly. Even if you manage to accumulate items worth 25 million gold per hour, this adds up significantly to your total earnings.

Pick Up Everything and Sell

The age-old advice of “pick up everything and sell” holds true in Diablo 4 as well. After each run, make sure to pick up every item dropped by monsters. Even if each run only yields an average of 500,000 gold worth of loot, it adds up over time. If you complete ten runs in an hour, this simple loot-selling method will net you an additional 5 million gold per hour.

Combining the Methods

By combining these three methods – boosting people through dungeons, selling rares, and picking up and selling all loot – you can achieve impressive gold-making results. Achieving an hourly income of around 72 million gold is quite feasible, and with some luck and valuable item drops, you might even surpass this mark.

However, as the economy in Diablo 4 is dynamic and constantly changing, these figures might fluctuate over time. Keeping an eye on market trends and adapting your strategies accordingly is crucial for long-term success in gold-making endeavors.

A Word of Caution

While the nightmare dungeon glitch and certain boosting methods might be tempting, it’s essential to be aware that these exploits could potentially violate the game’s terms of service. Engaging in such activities might lead to consequences, including being banned from the game. It is crucial to balance the desire for quick gold with adhering to fair play and the rules set by the developers.

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Alternate Methods

For players who prefer legitimate methods, there are other ways to make gold in Diablo 4. Running dungeons like “Older’s Cave” or “Wilder’s Cave,” which have high drop rates, can provide a steady stream of gold. While not as fast as boosting and selling rares, these methods are reliable and involve no potential rule-breaking.

In conclusion, Diablo 4 offers various ways to make gold, and each player can choose the method that best suits their playstyle and preferences. Whether you prefer the fast-paced action of boosting or the more patient approach of selling valuable loot, there is a gold-making method for everyone in the world of Sanctuary. Just remember, adapting to the ever-changing market and always adhering to the game’s rules will ensure a successful and enjoyable gold-making journey. Happy hunting, Nephalem!

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