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A Guide To Selecting The Right Aircraft Management Company

When you are the owner of a private plane, you are making an investment that involves a significant amount of care and dedication to know that the plane is the best option for you.

Besides knowing which plane is right for you, it is also important that the aircraft management company is right for you. This guide provides you with a few things to look for when selecting the right aircraft management company.

The Private Crew

The crew that flies your private jet needs to have the most experience possible. You should find out how much experience the crew has from the aircraft management company.

By factoring in reliability, trust, and training, you will be able to make a sound decision about the crew. Whatever you do, do not base your choice on the company’s longevity. Ask the management important questions concerning your potential crew and the standards the management company has set for them.

Your Private Jet’s Maintenance

It is important to have good private jet maintenance, and the aircraft management company needs to provide the best possible maintenance for a private jet in Dallas. You will know that you have the right management company because of the amount of knowledge they have concerning inspections and how to handle mechanical errors if they should arise.

The management company also needs to be up to date with all FAA regulations involving upgrades that your plane may obtain to remain compliant. When a management company does not stay current, it could jeopardize your plane of being grounded.

Is The Management Company Diverse

As you select the aircraft management company, they should offer a diverse service that caters to all types of private aircraft. This is because you will love that your plane will be properly cared for. If a company only caters to a certain type of plane, then the generation of revenue may be compromised.

When a fleet is diversified, the company will have the capacity to maintain and service various aircraft. This allows the aircraft owner to have the proper maintenance and care. When your aircraft is unique, ensure to enquire about their ability to manage it.

Regardless of a fleet’s diversity, that should not be the only determining factor. The management company also needs to develop a plan for the aircraft regardless of how many other similar craft they currently manage.

Certifications In Safety

The aircraft management company needs to have certifications in safety before hiring them. A management company also needs to explain how they handle safety and the program that oversees it.

When the company openly shares its safety system, you will know you have a trustworthy company. As the aircraft owner, you should not spend any time locating the certifications in safety.

Whenever you doubt the aircraft management company’s rating for safety, you should verify it through the FAA and NTSB. These regulators will list any safety issues the management company has had. You should be able to obtain the documents once you request them.

Are They Local To You

Your aircraft management company should be local to you. When the company is small, it will normally cater to the local area without any national facilities. But when you go with a larger management provider, the facilities will surely be available nationally and in many major cities.

Their Flight Abilities

When you have an aircraft that can fly both domestically and internationally, the management company needs to be able to handle this ability so that you get the most benefit from their services. When you know everything about their fleet, you will be able to learn if they can cater to your plane’s abilities based on similar aircraft.

A management company’s services will differ, including maintenance, pilot training, and overall plane management.


When it comes down to it, the best aircraft management company should provide the most services you need and will tie into your plane’s specifications. This way, you know that your interests are always in mind.

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