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A Day In The Life Of A Courier

Wondering what a day in the life of a courier might look like? Courier work can be a great way to earn either on the side or as a main source of income, and it can be relatively easy to get started. A day in the life of a courier will give you an idea of what this job is like and whether or not it would suit you, as well as what to expect when you get started. So, if you are interested in becoming a courier, then keep reading to see what a typical day looks like on the job.

Choosing Jobs

Typically, couriers will get up early so that they can maximize the amount of work that they can take on. After getting up and getting ready, a courier could check a load board like https://www.shiply.com/us/load-board to find shipping work. These boards list all available jobs that couriers can bid on, which allows couriers to choose their jobs for the day and avoid any empty-leg trips. Once a courier has chosen what jobs to take on, they will then get started with route planning – using a sat-nav system is the best way to do this. Once this is taken care of, they can then start driving.

Getting Behind The Wheel

A courier driver will then get started by driving to pick up packages and parcels and drop them off at their destination. A lot of time is spent behind the wheel as a courier driver, but it is important to take the time to speak to people when dropping off packages and to take pictures of parcels to confirm delivery.

Taking Breaks

It is important to take regular breaks as a courier driver and to ensure that you do not spend too much time behind the wheel. Therefore, courier drivers need to schedule in regular breaks and stretch their legs during the day. It is also important to maintain a healthy diet and stay hydrated while on the job.

Maintain Communication

Courier work is largely independent, but it is important to maintain communication throughout the day. You might need to notify a customer about a later delivery, report any issues that you have or take calls from customers. This is why a hands-free kit is a useful piece of equipment to have so that you can stay in communication without having to pull over to the side of the road.


At the end of the day, it is a good idea to check the vehicle over and refuel so that you are ready to hit the road without any issues in the morning. Courier drivers need to make sure that they are able to relax and unwind during their downtime as the job can be stressful. Therefore, it is important to have hobbies, spend time with loved ones and avoid any stressful activities.

This is what a typical day looks like for a courier driver. It can be demanding work, but it can also provide a level of flexibility that is appealing to many.

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