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A Chill Way To Say Goodbye: Exploring The Ice Urn Trend

An alternative to traditional funerary practices has emerged in the form of ice urns. Ice urns, a growing trend among those wishing for a unique way to commemorate their loved ones, are made from solid blocks of ice and provide a modern twist on cremation. While the concept may seem strange to some, this article will explore the features of ice urns and discuss why they have become so popular.

Ice urns offer a range of benefits that make them an attractive choice for those looking for something different. Not only do they create stunning sculptures, but they also provide an environment-friendly option compared to more traditional methods. Additionally, while they are a relatively new concept, there are already companies offering services dedicated solely to creating these beautiful memorials.

This article will investigate the features and advantages of using ice urns as an alternative to traditional cremation or burial services. Furthermore, it will examine how this practice has gained such popularity over recent years and how it can be used to create lasting memories of lost loved ones.

 1. What Is An Ice Urn?

Ice urns are a relatively new trend in the funeral industry. They are unique containers that use dry ice or liquid nitrogen to preserve the remains of a person or pet. The advantage of using an ice urn is that it is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial methods, and it allows for more control over the process and aesthetic of the funeral ceremony.

The process of using an ice urn starts with selecting a vessel from a variety of options such as glass, ceramic, steel, and wood. After deciding on the type of vessel, users can choose between dry ice or liquid nitrogen to preserve the body. Once sealed, the body will be preserved at subzero temperatures for up to several weeks. During this time, family members can arrange a memorial service or other remembrance activities with their loved one’s remains present.

The trend towards eco-friendly funerals has caused this method of preservation to become increasingly popular in recent years. Ice urns offer a way to say goodbye in an environmentally conscious manner while still creating meaningful memorial services that honor the deceased. Additionally, families have much more flexibility when it comes to planning these events since they can take place anywhere and anytime without needing to worry about cremation times or burial laws.

 2. The Benefits Of An Ice Urn Farewell

The concept of an ice urn farewell is gaining popularity in modern culture, as individuals look for innovative ways to mark the passing of a loved one. An ice urn is a process which involves freezing the cremated remains of a deceased person and using them to create a sculpture, usually with the help of an artist. This article will discuss the benefits of an ice urn farewell.

The most obvious benefit of an ice urn farewell is its lasting nature. Unlike other traditional methods such as burial or cremation, where the remains may be interred or scattered, an ice urn can provide a more lasting memorial to honour the life and memory of the deceased. Moreover, because it involves creating a sculpture from their remains, it can also be seen as a unique way to celebrate their life and achievements. Additionally, many families find that this kind of memorial helps them to deal with their grief in a more positive way than other traditional methods.

The use of an ice urn also allows for greater personalization when compared with other options available. By involving an artist in the creation process, individuals can have input into how they want their loved one’s remains to be presented and remembered. This level of personalization can often provide comfort and solace for those who are grieving and can help them to remember their lost loved one in a more meaningful way. In addition, this kind of memorial is often seen as being more environmentally friendly than other alternatives due to its lack of physical needs such as land or upkeep costs associated with graveyards or cemeteries.

In summary, an ice urn farewell provides individuals with several advantages when it comes to commemorating their lost loved ones in comparison to other traditional methods available. Its lasting nature, ability to provide personalization through involving artists in its creation process, and environmental friendliness all make it an attractive option for those looking for something different and meaningful when it comes time to say goodbye.

 3. How To Customize An Ice Urn

Customization of an ice urn is a popular trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years. The idea behind this trend is to create a unique and personalized farewell experience for those who are leaving, whether it be for a job, study abroad, or vacation. Customizing the urn not only allows for personalization but also offers flexibility when choosing the types of materials used and the design elements incorporated into the finished product.

When customizing an ice urn, the first step is to select a material that will best suit the desired outcome. Common materials used include glass, metal, ceramic, and wood. Depending on the design chosen, each material can bring unique advantages such as durability or stability. Additionally, different colors and textures are available to choose from depending on preference.

The next step in customizing an urn involves adding decorative elements such as engravings or carvings which may hold special meaning to those involved in the farewell process. This can be done by hand or with machines depending on what level of detail is desired. Additionally, items such as photos or mementos can be added to personalize the urn further and make it one-of-a-kind.

Customizing an ice urn is a great way to create a personalized farewell experience for those leaving and can make a lasting impression on all involved. With careful consideration of material selection and decorative elements, an ice urn can become an unforgettable tribute that honors those who are departing in style.

 4. How To Disperse An Ice Urn

The ice urn trend is a unique way to bid farewell to a loved one, offering a unique and beautiful memorial. Part of the experience of such an event is the customisation of the urn. The next step in this process, which must be carefully and respectfully considered, is the dispersal.

Dispersal of an ice urn can take many forms depending on individual preferences and local laws. One option is for the ashes to be scattered at sea or on land, with family or friends present should they wish to attend. It is important to ensure any regulations pertaining to such activities are adhered to prior to dispersing the ashes. Another option is when cremation facilities offer scattering gardens; this provides those who could not attend the ceremony with a place they can visit in remembrance of their loved one. Lastly, some may choose to keep the ashes at home in an urn or container if they so wish.

No matter what option is chosen, it is important that respect and dignity are maintained throughout the process; this ensures that those who have passed away receive a fitting tribute that honours their life and memory. Allowing family time for reflection after dispersal allows for closure and healing in their own ways as well as providing an emotional outlet for grief and bereavement.

 5. What To Consider When Choosing An Ice Urn

The ice urn trend is becoming increasingly popular as a novel way to say goodbye to loved ones. As such, it is important for those considering this option to understand the different elements involved in choosing an urn. This article will discuss five key factors that should be taken into account when selecting an ice urn.

The first factor to consider is size. Ice urns can range from small keepsake sizes up to large full-body sizes. It is important to think about how much space an urn will occupy and ensure that the size chosen fits the desired area for display. Additionally, the number of people being remembered should also be taken into account when deciding on an appropriate size of ice urn.

The second factor to evaluate is style or design. There are many options available, with some featuring intricate designs and others offering more basic models. Furthermore, some may come with additional features such as glass viewing windows or LED lighting effects. Consideration should be given to the desired aesthetic and whether any extra features are necessary or desirable.

Finally, price must also be taken into consideration when choosing an ice urn. Prices can vary depending on factors such as size and design, so it is important to determine what budget will work best for the individual’s situation. Additionally, research should be done on reliable retailers who offer quality products at competitive prices.

In summary, there are several key elements that must be considered when selecting an ice urn for a funeral service or celebration of life ceremony: size, style/design, and cost all play a role in making the right decision for each specific situation. By carefully assessing these factors beforehand, a suitable solution can be found that both meets practical needs and honors those being remembered in a special way.


In conclusion, Ice Urns are a unique and meaningful way to say goodbye to someone who has passed away. They provide an opportunity for friends and family to honor the life of a loved one while displaying a beautiful piece of art in the process. An Ice Urn can be customized with personal items or messages, allowing mourners to better express their emotions and share memories. Once it is ready, the urn can be dispersed in a variety of ways including releasing it into a body of water, burying it in the ground, or placing it in an aboveground container. When selecting an Ice Urn, one should consider factors such as size, design, cost, and what type of material will best suit the needs of the individual or family. Ultimately, Ice Urns provide a remarkable and memorable way for friends and family members to celebrate the life of those who have gone before us.

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