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4 Things To Remember Before Getting Your House Painted In Gainesville

Getting the interior and exterior of your house painted can be an excellent way to spice up the aesthetics of your home. It is one of the most remarkable ways to transform one’s mundane home walls into fascinating ones. Additionally, according to recent statistics, getting the interior of your house painted has a lucrative ROI of 107% in case you consider reselling shortly.

Gainesville is one of the top cities to live in Florida. It is home to Florida’s monumental and oldest University. Additionally, the city is full of vivacity due to its cultural events, athletic performances, education centers, etc. painting gainesville plays a significant role in providing the town with colorfulness and welcomeness. Due to this, residents living in the city can experience an urban-suburban mix.

If you are thinking of getting your house painted, you have landed on the right page. This article will take you on an insightful tour of various factors you must remember before getting your house painted.

Ask The Professional To Conduct A Thorough Home Inspection

When thinking of getting your house painted, the first thing to do is to let the painters inspect every area in your home. Such an inspection aids in finding damaged walls. To identify damaged walls, you might want to look for cracks, stains, loose plaster, accumulation of white powder on the bricks, etc.

Repairing damaged walls might seem like an easy task. However, it requires the utmost expertise and patience to repair. Consider hiring professionals to get the job done efficiently. Such a decision helps ensure that there are no loose plasters, drywall, or sheetrock coming off walls after the painting is done.

Consult Skilled Painting Companies To Choose The Right Paint

Painting in Gainesville offers various paints like acrylic, latex, oil-based, water-based, enamel, distemper, and emulsion. Latex and emulsion paint is ideal for interior painting as it is water-based and odorless. For exterior painting in Gainesville, acrylic paint is considered optimal as it is non-porous. The hourly wages of interior and exterior painting in Gainesville hovers around $15–$17 and $45–$50, respectively.

Consider hiring a professional expert to decide on the right paint for the house. Choosing the right color plays a substantial role in determining the ROI of a home. Additionally, professionals know the suitable color palettes that will be perfect for the house.

Removing Stains After Painting

Before the house painting process begins, you must remember that not all home items are paint-friendly. Such a statement means that if you are thinking of cleaning the paint from the floors and furniture after the painting is done, you might not be able to clean the stain off the furniture.

Therefore, it is necessary to protect the floor with newspapers, cardboard, or drape cloth before painting. Protect everything with drape cloths or bubble wrap, including couches, bushes, mattresses, tables, decks, patios, and sidewalks. You’ll avoid having to do laborious cleanup later by doing.

However, when hiring a painter, there is no need to worry about the stains coming off. This is because top-notch painting companies cover the furniture with drapes as one of the primary and essential services.

Selecting The Suitable Tools

Having the right tools to get the job done is another crucial factor in getting that striking look. It is natural for non-professionals to have little knowledge about the right tools. However, skilled professionals have extensive knowledge about the right tools. For instance, a professional will keep in mind to choose brushes for painting that do not leave stroke marks after painting.

Similarly, one must choose a painter who has expertise in the tools required, including paint rollers, sprayers, wall cleaners, tape, roller trays, roller extension poles, fiber mesh tapes, and many more. Another way is to seek professional assistance. They always carry a comprehensive toolkit. Thus, saving you from spending enormous sums of money on tools you will probably never use again.


Getting your house painted can be a fascinating task. It is one of the most inexpensive ways to revitalize your home with a reasonable rate of ROI. With the help of the aforementioned factors, one can quickly get their house painted with minimum hassles and within a short time frame.

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